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A little about Us

I have been into computers since the early days of home computers. At the time of the Commodore 64 for those that don't know, it was the early 1980's. Since then, I have had formal college training in programming, installation and upgrading of computer systems, including building computers systems  from various parts, from the ground up.

The Story Behind Our Site

 I got into recycling computers .. i.e. refurbishing old computers in order to hand them down to other family members. I would take my old computers and upgrade them to newer operating systems and newer hardware and give them to other family members that couldn't afford one. Word spread, hence, the beginning of this business.

Online Contact Info

PhreeCycled Computers

226 E. 3rd Avenue

Milan, IL 61264-2529

Phone: 309-912-4246

Fax: 309-787-4060

Email or .. if you choose this email address, dont forget the (dot) between phreecycled and computers