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Please Note:

Once you have applied and have been accepted, you are not eligible to apply for another computer for a period of 5 years.

Also, you may NOT choose the brand, style, speed, amount of ram, cd-rw or any other specifications. We are limited to what we have in stock.

If you are a special needs person, then we will try everything we can to meet your specific needs.

Income Guidelines

Effective 1 January 2007 through 31 December 2007

#Persons Gross Gross Gross

in Annual Annual Annual

Household Income Income Income

  1. $20,916 $1743 $402

  2. $28,249 $2354 $544

  3. $35,570 $2964 $685

  4. $42,890 $3574 $825

  5. $50,211 $4184 $966

  6. $57,532 $4794 $1107

  7. $64,852 $5404 $1247

  8. $72,173 $6014 $1388


Each Adtl Per. + 7321 + 610 + 141

All income based on GROSS and MUST be verified with copies of most recent FEDERAL tax return (form 1040,1040A, EZ). If there has been a change in your income since last return, we need tax return PLUS at least 4 consecutive, current pay stubs.

We will need current awards statement of monthly income if source of income is from State Aid, Social Security, Pension. Without this awards statement you will NOT qualify.

Note:Please DO NOT send original forms! We will NOT be responsible for originals and will NOT send them back to you. Thank you.

Below is our Application Download link, download it by clicking the link.


You will need a program called "Acrobat Reader" available free from in order to view and print the Application.

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Download our Application and our Application Instructions.

Please download our Application Instructions 1st, before you download the Application. Read thoroughly if you have any questions email us before you send us anything.

DO NOT Send us any of your original documentation. Send us copies ONLY of your imformation . We will not be responsible for returning anything you send.

Download Application Instructions Here

Download Application Here